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Paula’s Wigs and Bling was founded by Paula O’Donnell in 2018.  Having a background in Irish dancing since the age of four, Paula has been a large part if the Irish dance community.  Paula’s Daughters danced for the Sharon Taylor School in Glasgow and achieved many accolades during their competitive careers. 

Knowing all to well the demands and needs of being a ‘Feis Mum’ Paula ventured into the world of Irish dance wigs over 20 years ago.  Paula was always commended on by the dancing community for her ability to style wigs and in 2018 she decided to make this her pride and joy by establishing Paula’s Wigs and Bling.

Since then, Paula’s Wigs and Bling has grown exponentially boasting a large customer base around the world.  Paula’s Wigs and Bling attend all major events with CLRG, An Chomhdhail, WIDA and CRN.  Paula’s Wigs and Bling has official stockists of wigs and bling in the USA and have plans to expand into Canada and Australia.  Paula’s Wigs and Bling have a dedicated team of wig stylists and make up artists who provide top class services for dancers at competitions around the world.

Paula’s Wigs and Bling provide a unique service in that customers are looked after from before purchasing right through to stepping foot on stage.  Paula’s Wigs and Bling run a very active and inclusive social media page which celebrates and promotes dancer’s achievements, dancers wearing Paula wigs and dancers who want to show off their Paula’s wigs and bling to a large following around the world.

Not only does Paula’s Wigs and Bling supply wigs for champions they cater for beginners and dancers making their way through to championship.  Not only are wigs on sale but all bling and accessories are catered for…a one stop service for dancers Irish dance needs.

Paula’s Wigs and Bling offer wig fitting services, colour matching consultations and visit Irish Dance schools on request to sort wigs for dancers as well as teams. 

Paula’s Wigs and Bling are always on the lookout for wholesalers and welcome anyone who wishes to come on board to sell Paula’s wigs and bling.

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